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The success of Sika began when Kaspar Winkler laid the foundation of the Sika Group in 1910 with his first product Sika-1. This revolutionized waterproofing in construction and later allowed for the electrification of the Gotthard railway. Since then Sika has been widely known for protecting buildings and infrastructure.

In the Construction Business Sika provides high-quality solutions to its customer groups contractors, concrete producers, and professional distributors. With an innovative spirit and technical know-how Sika is a competent partner at every stage of the building process.

Trends in vehicles, appliances, and building components focus on light and energy efficient construction. Sika Industry joins with key accounts and external specialists to develop mutual success. Solution-oriented approaches lead to long-term cooperation and partnerships.

Sika Brand
Customers and partners worldwide recognize the Sika triangle as a sign for innovation, consistency, and partnership. Sika promises to deliver not only quality and competent services, but also to create value for our customers.